Industry/Company Research Seminar for International Students @ Matsumoto | 「かがやき・つなぐ」北陸・信州留学生就職促進プログラム


Industry/Company Research Seminar for International Students @ Matsumoto

We will hold a job hunting consultation and business research event, with the participation of companies in Hokuriku region and Nagano prefecture.
Come and join us, and you can find what you want to know about job hunting including detailed business descriptions.
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover attractive companies in the area!


Date : 18th Jan. 2020 (Sat) 13:15 – 17:10(reception opens at 13:00)
日 時:2020年1月18日(土)13時15分~17時10分(受付 13時00分~)

Vene : Matsumoto Central Community Center M-Wing, 6F hall & lounge
会 場:松本市中央公民館(Mウィング)6階ホール・ホワイエ

Detail : Flyer
詳 細:チラシ

Apply : Other than KU Students  ⇒ Click here (Deadline is 17th Jan. 2020)

    KU Students ⇒ Click here (Deadline is 5th Jan. 2020)
         * All KU students applying for this event will go to Matsumoto together by bus (for free).
          If you are KU students and can’t open application page, please send your student No. and your name
          by Email (

申 込:金沢大学生以外 ⇒  こちら (締切は2020年1月17日)

    金沢大学生 ⇒ コチラ(締切は2020年1月5日)