【ガイダンス】2020秋季「かがやき・つなぐ」プログラム / Gudanceof “Kagayaki-Tsunagu” program in 2020 Autumn | 「かがやき・つなぐ」北陸・信州留学生就職促進プログラム


【ガイダンス】2020秋季「かがやき・つなぐ」プログラム / Gudance of “Kagayaki-Tsunagu” program in 2020 Autumn


“Kagayaki -Tsunagu” Hokuriku-Shinshu Employment Promotion Program


Welcome to the news site of
Job-Hunting Guidance for International Students at Kanazawa University

“Why not find employment at Japanese companies? Let us help you !”



At this web guidance, international students who have successfully gone through job-hunting in Japan and received official job offers (Naitei) will give you the tips to find a job in a Japanese company. 



Eligible students: International Students 

The third-year undergraduate students and the first-year graduate students generally start in full swing looking for their jobs in March in Japan. Making a schedule for job hunting and working accordingly such as participating in internships in advance is the key to success. Educational programs provided by Kanazawa University will enable the job-seeking students to enhance abilities and skills for finding employment in Japan. They will have practical training such as writing resumes or job application forms to pass document screening. They will also acquire knowledge about the typical Japanese companies and the working styles through experience. Draw a vision of your future, look for a company you want to work for and succeed in finding employment at Japanese companies.



The followings are the contents of the web guidance

1.日本での留学生の就職動向 Employment trends of international students in Japan


Part 1.3つの教育プログラムの内容 Three educational programs

Kanazawa University provides regular international students who are interested in employment by Japanese companies with the subjects of the following 3 categories.

①ビジネス日本語教育プログラム Business Japanese Language Education Program

●ビジネス日本語Ⅰ  Business Japanese I
Business Japanese I will enable students to learn about the process of job-hunting in Japan, Japanese companies, Japanese society, and the Japanese economy.

●ビジネス日本語II  Business Japanese II
Business Japanese II will enable students to learn about Japanese industries and companies. Students will also begin preparing resumes and job application forms and will also practice for job interviews in Japanese.

●ビジネス・コミュニケーションI   Business Communication I
Students will acquire Japanese language ability necessary for job-hunting activities. This course will enable students to learn basic business etiquettes necessary for doing internships and conversations using honorifics under business situations.

●ビジネス・コミュニケーションII  Business Communication II
Students will acquire business skills and etiquettes necessary after you have started working at Japanese companies. This class is only for the students who have received Naitei (official job offer) from Japanese companies.

このコースは日本語能力が中級以上の留学生向けです。日本語のレベルがJLPI N2より低い場合は、総合日本語プログラムの科目を受けてください。詳しくはhttp://www-isc.ge.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/をご覧ください。 
This course is targeted at students with intermediate or advanced Japanese language proficiency. (JLPT N2 or more) If your Japanese proficiency is below JLPT N2, please take classes provided by Integrated Japanese Language Program. Visit our website for more information.  http://www-isc.ge.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/

 ②キャリア教育プログラム Education to Carve one’s Career Path 
It aims at understanding working style and characteristics of Japanese companies, and how to conduct recruitment activities to find employment at Japanese companies.

③インターンシップ・プログラム Internship Program at Japanese companies 
It aims at providing with opportunities to obtain first-hand knowledge of business and working at Japanese companies through internships.

Besides taking the subjects of these three educational programs, you will get supports from the Career Supporting Office to find companies which you wish to work for.

Part 2.修了認定と奨学金 Completion Certificates and Scholarships

Kanazawa University will confer Completion Certificates “Platinum”, “Gold” and “Silver” to regular international students who will meet the credit-completion requirement of the Program.

Under this program, scholarships are offered to international students.

Part 3.履修の方法 How to register subjects.


At the guidance, detailed information about selecting subjects will be given by grade and graduation time. Please get information you need to register for subjects.

Stories from international students who have received official job offers (Naitei) from Japanese companies.


Visit our Job-Hunting Guidance for International Students on the web.